Gentle Recovery

Healing From Child Abuse & Rape

"There is nothing stronger than gentleness." Han Suyin

Nothing is impossible to overcome. Not drugs, not an eating disorder, not self-harm, not panic attacks, not prison, not rape, not living on the streets with no money, no family and no hope. I can say this because I was there. 

Raised in a middle class Jewish family, I learned at a young age I had no right to exist. I lived wild, out of control, on life's edge. 

I was told I could have a marginal life with professional intervention. I beat the odds - I did it with God's help. In the Eye of Deception is my story - a story of healing and redemption. 

                  In the Eye of Deception: A True Story


Winner of The Word Guild Book Award & Honorable Mention for The Grace Irwin Award

 In the Eye of Deception - a true story of hope and inspiration.

The message is clear - no darkness is so black, no valley so deep, God cannot redeem it for His glory. In the Eye of Deception details one woman's struggle to break free from the damaging effects of child abuse, rape and addictions. It's a story filled with hope, faith, and the realization that God can be trusted to bring about complete healing and recovery.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."    Maya Angelou

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