Gentle Recovery

Healing From Child Abuse & Rape

Maury Blair, Author of Child of Woe

In the Eye of Deception is a story of how God transformed a little girl raised in horrendous abuse, into a victorious adult. The author now reaches out with a message of hope and healing to those who have suffered as she did. A 'must read' story!

Debbie Thorkildsen: CYW

As a Child & Youth Worker, it amazes me that Nikki is still alive after what she lived through. Many youth and adults have far fewer problems yet give up because life seems just too difficult. If anyone had a reason to give up, Nikki did, yet God preserved her life and gave her a desire to bring hope and healing to others. May this book change your life as knowing Nikki has changed mine.


Donna Dawson, Author of Redeemed, The Adam and Eve Project and the double award winning novel, Vengeance.

It was a strange twist of events that brought Nikki to me, but when I read her manuscript I knew why we were put in touch. I have written about the traumas of life through fiction; Nikki has lived them. Her story is compelling simply because she should not be where she is now: she should not be alive, she should not be whole, and she should not be thriving in society. But she is! As I journeyed through her story, I became aware of a burning passion at work. It is a story of the loving Creator wooing a lost soul.

I cried as I read of her traumas. I rejoiced as I read of both the miraculous deliverance and the painstaking recovery. And I will continue to celebrate as society’s lost are found through her words and ministry. Anyone who reads Nikki’s story will have no doubt that God’s love conquers all and trumps even mankind’s best efforts.


Valerie Lynn: Book Reviewer@Simply4God

In The Eye of Deception is a powerful book about enduring, surviving and overcoming the pains of physical, mental and emotional abuse. Nikki takes you through each and every step on her long road to freedom from the chains which had her bound. She bares her soul. She exposes the truth of her painful past. She actually takes you through her life, death and resurrection. The road she traveled was long and painful, yet she survived. She was truly set free mind, body and soul.

My heart broke. My eyes became swollen and red from my tears. The closer I came to finishing her book, my heart filled more and more with love for God and how He alone brought her through.

It is a powerful story of redemption. It is a powerful story of how God can turn what is meant to destroy us into something which uplifts us and glorifies HIM. 

I give In The Eye of Deception 5 out of 5 stars. The book is fantastic. The book will indeed set you free.

Tammy Sandidge: LMHC

As I read  "In the Eye of Deception"  I was drawn into a world of abuse and lies. The author documents her life from growing up in an abusive home to a life on the streets. She takes the reader into places that are unimaginable. This book will give you a glimpse into the mind and heart of someone who has been tormented by the evils of abuse. It is a story of a bruised and broken spirit that has been touched and restored by the powerful love and grace of God. Your faith will be encouraged as the author encounters God and is transformed by His healing touch in a profound way. I recommend this book for anyone who is interested in experiencing a God who can still redeem lives and set the captives free!  God's mighty power to save and heal is on full display in Nikki's life. She is a living, breathing, trophy of God's love.


Review by Laura Davis

In the Eye of Deception by Nikki Rosen is a compelling, heartbreaking yet victorious story, of how God can take a broken person and make them whole and new.

Nikki shares her life story of physical abuse, rape, and drug addiction that led to eating disorders and self-inflicted abuse. Her journey is horrifying, yet she tells it honestly and with great courage.

I cried over the abuse she received from her father. I felt her fear when she was seduced into a cult by a madman, who raped and beat her repeatedly. I wanted to reach through the pages of this book to wrap my arms around her and tell her she was loved. And yet this was a young girl whom God had given a great determination to not only escape her demons, but to help others like herself, wrestle with their own.

Today, Nikki is a social worker who loves the Lord and this love leaps off the pages of her book. That she is not bitter toward God is a miracle and a testament to her character and her faith in Him.

This book should be in the hands of every social worker, teacher, psychiatrist, doctor, outreach centre, drug addict, abuse victim - heck it should be everywhere and read by everyone! This is one book everyone should have on their reading list this year.

Terry Banham MSW/RSW

This book, "In the Eye of Deception," touches my heart as a long time practising social worker/family therapist.  It clearly sends a powerful message of hope to individuals suffering with past abuse and addictions.  It also effectively addresses the healing process and demonstrates that the author was very determined to help herself and others. 

Once I started reading In the Eye of Deception, I found it hard to put down. The style of writing and the content was so compelling I read it in its entirety within two days.   I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with trauma issues as well as any professional working  in the helping field. 


Wow. What an awesome book! I read it in two days. I"m not a reader so for me to read it that fast it has to be good. I was reading at work on nights and I had to get up and go to another room at one point, tears were falling down my face...your book has helped me to open up and gave me so much hope! It has made a difference in my outlook on my situation. 


I got your book yesterday afternoon...I read late into the night and this afternoon....yours is such a beautifully written book, one that resonates with me on so many levels. I loved the descriptions, felt like I was right beside you, experiencing every situation with you. At times it was hard to breathe. Other times, I was moved to tears. Many times I was frightened for your safety, touched by your endless bravery. And then I was inspired.....I found the detail of the coaching advice affirming the very processes I am currently working on in order to change my own negative belief systems. I don't believe in co-incidence, your book came to me as a message of hope.  



I have to rank In The Eye of Deception as one of the most riveting books I have ever read. And the fact that it is a true story...makes it even more riveting and intense. There were several times where I continued reading past my allotted reading time because I was so caught up in the story, so concerned about what was happening, that I couldn’t put the book down! If ever there were a must read, it is In The Eye of Deception by Nikki Rosen, a truly phenomenal book by a truly phenomenal person and writer.

Wanda I read your book...hidden wounds over my own wounded past began to surface and I KNEW that I would have to deal with them. I had come such a long way (I thought). I had written books about the healing of a soul....but reading through the section covering the time with your counselor, I felt I was there and she was gently leading 'ME' out of a dark hole into the light. Your book will touch many lives....I has turned my world upside down. 


Your book came at supper time last night and I finished it at midnight. You told the story openly, but with gentleness; realistically, but with forgiveness. And I marvelled about the writing itself - the English, the choice of words, the flow, the chapter divisions, the sequence arrangementthe authority graciously claimed.....


Have you read In the Eye of Deception? Nikki wrote this book to tell her story in the hopes that it would bring encouragement to others. I'm telling you, I couldn't put it down! You'll cry all the way through it. To learn where she came from and what she endured to where God has her today - it's a redemptive story of God's love. Not only that, Nikki is an excellent writer - among the ranks of Frank Peretti and Robin Parrish.

Coming from a person who has been mentally and physically abused, this book is just what I needed. This book has let me know I'm not alone. There are other survivors out there. This book increased my faith and let me know that in time I can have true deliverance. It's taught me the true meaning of forgiveness and that God is waiting there to help me. Thank you Nikki for stepping out in faith to share your story with the world. You are truly an inspiration.

Tina Manual